Our services

Procad has extensive experience in all types of housing- both high and low-rise, luxury, market and housing geared toward seniors, and families. Through this experience, the firm has developed the design and technical expertise necessary to make the critical decisions in determining the success of every unique housing project.   Procad also has actively involved in the planning and architecture of academic facilities. From the planning and design of Kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary schools, to University buildings.    

 Procad has been designing office buildings and hotels for years. The success of the firm is rooted in the knowledge and leadership abilities of the principals, and the design and technical expertise of the staff-all applied to each client's unique objectives. Approaching each project as a member of a cooperative team, we strive to create workplaces where individuals as well as communication are preeminent, and where disruption is minimized and has the least amount of impact on work flow. Some of the planning considerations supporting this goal include providing an integrated telecommunications application throughout office areas, organizing work spaces into team or matrix systems with shared resources, and standardizing the office so it is more flexible to movement and change.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design practice is architecturally based. Our depth of resources - from large-scale strategic planning to step-by-step quality control - enables our interiors group to address comprehensive building-related problems as adeptly as solving ordinary furnishing and fittings problems.  Our greatest strength is our ability to arrive at effective solutions early in the design process - before the allocation of significant resources. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and plan for the unique operational and organizational needs of our clients. We apply a comprehensive planning process to all projects, regardless of scale.

Project Management

Procad offers a hand on approach to project management to ensure quality and accuracy of any Project.  

Our Project Management services include:     

  1. Visibility Study  
  2. Quantity Surveying & Cost Estimates  
  3. Project Co-ordination  
  4. Construction services & super vision  
  5. Contracting 

    Arbitration and claims management
    • Arbitration