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Design Philosophy

Procad Architects believes that every place, no matter how large or small, has the potential to make a lasting contribution to its surrounding community.

Great places are built in collaboration rather than isolation. Each structure, before it is actually designed, must be imagined in its surroundings. What does the client want? What does the community need? What does the context suggest? A design is shaped to respond to the interests of the client, the city, and the neighborhood.

Our designs must be useful, practical, and memorable.  If each project offers a puzzle to be solved, we believe the solution may well be found in the definition of that puzzle, in the application of precedent, and the realization of a new synthesis brought about by circumstances of place and time and informed by experience.

This approach applies to every project we encounter, regardless of size or scope. It is imperative that a renovated train station maintains its usefulness; just as important that a school serves its students well; and no less vital that a development plan addresses a wide variety of civic issues with equal concern. The plans we design and the buildings we construct have very personal goals: to enhance both the beauty and the usefulness of the places where we live, to improve the public realm, and to enrich the fabric of the city


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